Jazz it up in Koktebel

Dmitry Kiselev greets Koktebel Jazz Party participants

Dmitry Kiselev greets Koktebel Jazz Party participants

It was more difficult to organize the festival this year, but thanks to jazz lovers, we managed to make the 18th Koktebel Jazz Party the way everyone was used to watching and listening, the founder of the Koktebel Jazz Party and Director General of the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency Dmitry Kiselev said at the opening of the music program.

“Thanks to our confidence that our audience would observe all the necessary safety measures in connection with the coronavirus – keeping a distance, using masks and disinfecting hands – we are meeting once again at the coolest festival in Koktebel,” he said from the stage.

According to Kiselev, the festival is confirming its international status this year in the best traditions of Jazz at the Speed of Light. This event will be held via videoconference from Los Angeles. Spectators will see a live performance by the band that opened the festival last year – the Dave Yaden Band.

“Do you remember how these great Americans played one of our two pianos using their feet?” asked Dmitry Kiselev, the audience responding with applause and cheers.

“This international event is celebrating its 18th birthday today. I believe that one of the achievements of our festival is that Crimea has acquired an international dimension, cultural status and got a second wind in 2014. I hope that next year international flights will be resumed and we will see our favorite bands again,” added the founder of the festival.

Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov also highlighted the rich music program and enthusiasm of the Koktebel Jazz Party organizers.

“Thanks to the support of international diplomacy and the musicians who made their way here, we are moving forward. I’m sure the festival will bring only positive emotions. You will see outstanding artists who live for jazz,” Aksyonov said.